Company - QeePLogistic

Qeep Logistics has grown to become a leading transportation and logistics provider in North America. We offer fully integrated logistics solutions to meet our customers’ diverse shipping needs. Looking ahead, we are making strategic investments in new technologies that will transform and automate key supply chain processes. Safety is of utmost importance to our operations and we are continually implementing new procedures and training to ensure the safest transportation of all goods. As a company, we are also committed to reducing our environmental impact and are continually improving our operations to support sustainable transportation and logistics industry-wide. With a focus on both innovation and sustainability, Qeep Logistics is well-positioned to shape the future of supply chain management for years to come.

Industries we serve:

Qeep Logistics transports a wide variety of materials, components, and finished goods for the manufacturing industry. This includes shipping raw materials like metals, plastics, fabrics, and chemicals to production sites. We handle the movement of parts and components that go into assemblies, such as engines, transmissions, and electronics. Work in progress inventory such as subassemblies, workpieces and final assemblies are efficiently shipped. Finished manufactured products ranging from furniture and appliances to machinery and vehicles are delivered to distribution centers. We also transport the critical factory equipment, production lines, and processing plant machinery needed by manufacturers. Coiled steel, aluminum, and other rolled metals are frequently moved as a key material for manufacturing. Our integrated services provide seamless logistics support for the entire manufacturing supply chain.

As a logistics partner to retailers, we ensure the reliable delivery of goods. A diverse range of consumer items spanning grocery, beauty, home goods and seasonal holiday products are transported. This includes moving apparel from major brands, with clothing, footwear, and accessories transported. Shipments involve footwear types like athletic shoes, formalwear, and boots. Accessories consisting of jewelry, bags, sunglasses and more require careful handling. General merchandise encompassing toys, books, sporting goods and other items is distributed to store locations nationwide. We work to meet urgent retail demands and keep inventory stocked year-round.

Precise logistics are crucial in the healthcare industry to transport time-sensitive medical products. For pharmaceuticals and medications, we offer temperature-controlled transportation of drugs in prescription and over-the-counter forms. A variety of medical supplies from bandages to sterilization equipment are delivered. Diagnostic machines such as MRI and ultrasound scanners require specialized handling. Mobility devices, implants, replacement joints and other medical technologies are carefully shipped. Lab samples, research equipment, and testing supplies are transported with tracking. During facility expansions or relocations, secure movement of critical medical records and documents is provided. efficiency and reliability are core to our healthcare logistics services.

Oil and Gas:
The energy industry depends on the timely transport of equipment, materials and products to remote job sites and plants. We ship steel pipe, casings, pumps, valves and storage tanks for rig infrastructure and pipelines. Transportation extends to whole rigs, compressor stations, and modules for construction. Refineries and petrochemical operations rely on delivery of machinery and engineered systems. Crude oil, natural gas, petroleum products and LNG are delivered to ports and terminals via tankers, barges, rail and pipelines. Industrial goods like rig components, drilling tools and field machinery sustain oilfield operations. Coiled steel, aluminum pipe and tubing are continuously transported as essential materials.

Our logistics capabilities effectively support agriculture and farming needs. Seed, fertilizers, pesticides and heavy farm machinery and equipment are delivered to cooperation’s and independent farmers. Shipping containers of bulk commodities including grains for milling and processing and animal feed are moved. We handle the transportation of fresh and packaged produce, meat, dairy and other perishable agricultural goods. This involves temperature-controlled trucking and specialty equipment. Distribution of livestock feed including mixtures, additives and supplements is coordinated. Effective transportation solutions are tailored for harvest and growing season demands.

The construction industry depends on reliable delivery of materials. We transport construction aggregates, concrete, lumber, drywall and various other building products. Shipments include hardware, tools, fixtures, appliances and equipment. Prefabricated building modules, housing units and mobile field offices require specialized equipment. Delivery of heavy machinery, cranes, excavators and commercial vehicles supports jobsite work. Containers and temporary field offices provide mobile space. Steel coils, rebar, structural beams and other metals are shipped for fabrication and integration. Just-in-time logistics are coordinated for materials as projects progress.

Advancing technologies need efficient transportation. Computer components like CPUs, graphics cards, servers and data infrastructure are delivered securely. Consumer electronics including phones, tablets and smart home devices are distributed. Industrial and process control shipments involve machinery components, motor drives, sensors and systems. Security and automation equipment for commercial facilities requires climate control. Networking gear such as routers, switches and cabling is distributed to data centers. Precision logistics are applied to all technology product supply chains.

Food and Beverage:
A variety of food and beverage goods are transported nationally and globally, requiring temperature control and other specialized handling. This includes shipping ingredients and supplies for processed snack foods and packaged meals. Dairy logistics range from milk, cheeses and yogurt to cream products. Fresh and frozen meats, seafood, poultry and eggs are distributed. Produce logistics encompass importing and exporting fruits and vegetables year-round. Other goods involve cereals, baking mixes, canned goods, drinks and seasonings. For alcoholic beverages, wines and spirits and cannabis products require regulated transportation. Cold chain logistics maintain product quality and safety.